bond between the Tarots of Marseilles and numerology:

I say I, without any form of pride. But the facts thus arised time progressively. It is what I will try to tell here.

Hello: O)

By where to start?

It is exactly the question which I put myself in July 1996. Sandra, to which I regularly refer on other pages (spiritism - meditations) to quote only some of them, makes me a pulling.

A blade, or rather several, strike me the eyes. I do not include/understand anything with the drawing above, but something says there to me that I must be able to arrive.

I speak to him immediately about it, and it makes me draw a blade, to see whether it would be favorable. The result is nickel.

Neither one, nor two, I ask him how to learn. She answers me that I will be guided… It is that yes!

And, here me is, instinctively, in a bookshop on the quays of the Seine. It is true that I forgot to say that I made, at the time, from time to time return tickets on Paris. I have a deep horror to go there today, but at the time, I appreciated.

Therefore, in this bookshop, I find myself in the middle of hundreds of books on all these subjects.

I am perhaps guided, but it I will need a large blow of inch.

I pass there, I do not know how much hours in this shop. All the books seem more complicated the ones than the others.

I pass there a whole part of summer 96. But, this same summer, a few weeks afterwards, I fall on the newspaper, a possibility of passing a diploma of right. I know, that does not have anything to see, but I can also help the others with the right.

I continue the charts until the beginning of the courses. I know that I would have very little time, in the two years which follow.

I recover at the end of 1998 seriously there. And that develops as of spring 1999, at the time of a hospitalization as unforeseen as long.

It is shortened like history there, but I will detail. And especially, it is as that which that actually occurred.

In 2000, I throw an eye on analysis numerologic which a little my mother works. I am attracted by the significance of the date of birth. I realize at the same time as the figures want to say the same thing as the significance of the blades of the Tarot of Marseilles!!!

Lastly, I want to say, that all the become letters of the figures, give the same direction as if I work a blade of tarot.

For example, I read that for a person born one 18, of any month, emotivity, over-sensitiveness, are very present, are even omnipresent. Ben the tarots say the same thing.

My blood does not make whereas a turn, and directs me office on the dates themselves. I discover that they make us discover the inheritance with which one is born.

I have, as of this moment worked the dates of birth in parallel with pullings divinatoire. They are complementary completely.

One can thus discover which day, which week, which month favours such or such decision, with such or such activity.

It is much, really much work. The proof in is, this site. But it is extremely enriching. I discover data daily.



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